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Privacy Policy

  1. What data we collect

    Depending on the nature of the interaction with our website (creating an account for order completion, chat communication, newsletter subscription, or filling in forms), we collect the following data:

    • Your email to create an account and communicate with you, or inform you about your order, as well as communicate you the latest product, service and promotions.
    • Identity information such as the name, surname and email required in certain online shop forms.
    • Navigation history, how did you interact with our website, IP address, what type of browser you use, how long your visit went, search history, the number of pages you visited, traffic data.
    • Order and billing data such as physical address
  2. How data is collected

    Your data is collected based on the nature of the interaction with the online store. We collect data directly through the form of creating a new account, using other forms present on the website, how to subscribe to the newsletter or telephone in the case of telephone orders. At the same time, we collect data indirectly through cookies and monitoring scripts.

  3. Why we collect the data

    • To enable some interactive features of the online store and make your experience more enjoyable while interacting with our website;
    • To help you manage your account and orders more easily;
    • For security reasons on the website and traceability
    • For customer support / warranties / returns;
    • To analyze traffic from the online store and improve user interaction with it. Refusing to give us some data or to refuse a cookie may disable certain services.
  4. Who processes the data

    - Your data is processed by the employees of our online store dealing with: 

    a. Keeping the online store in terms of the displayed information; 

    b. Handles customer support / warranties / returns; 

    c. Process orders and payments. 

    - Some of the collected data may be sent to third parties such as marketing or traffic analyst service providers; 

    a. Google Analytics and Google Search Console - for Traffic Analysis Services 

    b. Google Adwords and Facebook Ads - for remarketing services; 

    c. Chat software - for interactive communication; 

    d. Our courier companies (Fan Courier, GLS, DPD, TransilvaniaPost / Optim Courier, DragonStar, TNT). 

    Your personal data can be sent to governmental offices or courts if there is a legal basis for it. 

    - Links to other websites. 

    It is possible that the pages of our online store have links to various other sites or social networks over which our company has no control or influence. 

    As a result, we cannot be held liable under any circumstances regarding the way data is stored or protected by other third parties. 

    We encourage you to read the privacy policy of each site you visit or the social network where you have an account created. 

  5. How long my personal data is stored

    Depending on legal regulations, storage time varies depending on the type of data. The accounting records and supporting documents which form the basis of the entries in the financial accounts shall be kept in the records of the entities for ten years from the date of the closure of the financial year in which they were drawn up. Notes, receipts, provisions, receipts, remittances have a retention period of five years, and wage states have a retention period of 50 years. Even if you want to "have forgotten" to delete your account, legal tax data cannot be erased earlier than the regulations in force. Collection data for audience measurement purposes, which in principle are navigation history, are kept for 50 months. These data are anonymized and used for statistical purposes without identifying the real person. Subscription to newsletters and promotions is kept until the unsubscribe or until the email address becomes unavailable The data in your account is kept for five years from the placement of the last order, and there has been no interaction with the online store.

  6. How my data is protected

    Your data is kept on secure servers protected by antivirus and firewall software. We have both technically and organizationally implemented solutions and procedures to keep your data safe and to remain confidential. Because of the structure of the Internet, namely because information from our servers reaches your computer through several intermediate points (network equipment), we cannot guarantee the security of the entire chain, so communicating your personal data assumes the entire risk that can occur. We cannot be held accountable for any failure to comply with the privacy and security settings of the measures implemented on our site. You must agree that personal information is also your responsibility, for example you are required to have a strong password and keep it secret.

  7. What are your rights

    You can choose how your data is used: 

    - You can visit our virtual store without leaving any dates; 

    That means you will not be able to use certain features of the site and you will certainly not be able to place any orders. 

    - You can decide to unsubscribe from our newsletter. This can be done by following the link in your incoming mail or by disabling this option in your account. 

    - You have the right to access and correct your personal information. 

    - You also have the right to provide instructions on the fate of your data if your death occurs. 

    Within the legal limits, except for the length of mandatory storage of various documents, you also have the right to: 

    - The right to delete your data; 

    - The right to limit the processing of certain data; 

    - The right to object to the processing of certain data if your objection is legitimate; 

    - The right to save your data in a certain format, portable (eg csv format); 

    - The right to withdraw your consent to process certain data for which you have originally given your consent. 

    Even if you initially agreed to your data processing, this agreement may be withdrawn at any time for certain data or for all (subject to law and storage). For data for which there are no objections to be processed, they are legally processed. 

    If you use the right to request these, we, the company that operates the online store as a personal data operator, will ask you to legitimate. In case you want your data to be deleted, they will NOT be able to be retrieved. These requests can be sent by email or at our headquarters. Your application may be processed within one month (accidentally two months) because this process is complex. 

  8. Data transfer outside the EU

    The data collected by the online store are hosted on servers located at Baboon Software SRL and are located in Cluj, Romania. As a European service provider, Baboon Software SRL is also subject to the GDPR norms. Third parties (Google, Facebook, and others operating in the EU) are contractually bound to protect and maintain the confidentiality of your data and use them exclusively for the purposes for which we offer them. The order made on the website implied acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to these terms, please contact us by phone and the conversation will be recorded with the agreement of both parties, and we will act by mutual agreemen