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Delivery Information

The delivery term is 1 - 2 - 3 working days from the time the order was placed, but these terms may be subject to certain modifications due to reasons that cannot be foreseen (calamities, floods, snow, blockages, etc.) or due to the way the courier company's organization and logistics.

The delivery of the package with the ordered products from the online store is done "Door to Door" by courier, with one of the following operators, depending on the delivery address: FAN Courier, GLS, Atlassib.


For orders over 200 lei, courier delivery is free of charge. For orders under 200 lei, the cost of transport is 9.99 lei, VAT included. WARNING: Only orders with the minim product value of 65 lei from the FanCourier list will be shipped. 


International delivery, NO online store does not sell or deliver products outside the country.

Delivery with payment on delivery 

The "payment on delivery" system requires the payment to the courier when the package is received. Please ask the courier to issue your receipt for the paid amount. Important: The receipts issued by the courier will be under SC Life Power SRL, as well as the actual shipping because "BioNatur" is the brand name of the online store, but the name of the business operator is SC Life Power SRL.

Package verification and receipt

Important!: Please verify the integrity of the parcels and goods when being handed over by the courier. You are entitled to refuse the parcels that have hitting, deterioration or opening marks, which might have occurred during transport. The courier can no longer be held liable after signing the acknowledgement of receipt for the parcel. In case you refuse to accept damaged parcels, you do not have to pay on delivery. Also, please let us know as soon as possible of the reasons behind the refusal, so that we resend the ordered goods or return the value of the goods.