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Curcumin95 C3 complex, 120 capsules

  • Brand: Herbagetica
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Curcumin95 C3 complex is a standardized extract of Curcuma longa with a minimum of 95% curcuminoid, one of the most powerful and intense extracts in the world. Its beneficial actions in reducing oxidative stress, inflammation or action of tumor cells recommend it as one of the most effective natural extracts known.

Adjuvant in:

- inflammatory disorders

- depression

- heart disease


- cold, flu

- liver disease

- cardiac ischemia

- Diabetes

- low blood sugar

- digestive candidiasis

- psoriasis

- leukemia


- immunostimulator

- immunomodulator

- Maintains normal cell division

- protects and detoxifies liver cells

- antidepressant

- Accelerates wound healing

- analgesic

- Supports the muscular, nervous and articular system

- regulates the level of insulin and blood glucose


The publication said about Curcuma Longa that it is "the world's most important plant". Using over 400 studies in the US National Library of Medicine database, they discovered over 580 potential benefits of turmeric and its main polyphenol, curcumin.

Some of the most amazing properties of curcuminoids are:

     - protects against diseases caused by irradiation

     - Reduces the level of inflammation in the body

     - protects against heavy metal toxicity

Curcuma longa stimulates the gallbladder to produce the ball, which results in improved digestion and reduction of symptoms of bloating or excessive gas formation.

Product Details
Administration Method:1-2 capsules per day Composition:Curcumin95 complex (Curcuma longa) extract 64: 1 standardized with 95% curcuminoid 380 mg Piper (Piper nigrum) standardized extract with 5% piperine 20 mg
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