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Hypoallergenic bath detergent, Biopuro-500ml

  • Brand: Biopuro
  • Product Code: 10008
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31.00 Lei


Biopuro detergents are an excellent choice for house cleaning because:

are 3 in 1: cleans, descaling and deodorizing

removes soap and toothpaste stains

ensures a deep cleaning

eliminates unpleasant odors

are hypoallergenic certified - so you have the guarantee that they do not contain nickel, chromium, cobalt (over 75% of allergies to detergents are due to these metals)

are certified organic and vegan

are dermatologically tested, never on animals

they are 100% biodegradable

do not contain synthetic perfumes or dyes, parabens, EDTA or petrochemical derivatives

all packaging of Biopuro products is made from recycled materials

Way of ussage:

Spray directly on the desired surfaces then wipe with a cloth or sponge. If necessary, leave on for 5 minutes before wiping.

You can also use it for the toilet bowl.

Do not use on marble or sensitive surfaces.

Product Details
Composition:Composition (according to REG. 648/2004 / EU): <5% anionic and non-ionic vegetable surfactants. Contains natural fragrance (lavender oil).
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