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Hypoallergenic floor cleaner, Biopuro, 1L

  • Brand: Biopuro
  • Product Code: 10009
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28.00 Lei


Biopuro ecological hypoallergenic floor cleaner:

cleans effectively, leaves no marks, leaves a pleasant smell

does not require rinsing, ideal for children's playgrounds as they have direct contact with the floor

can be used for any type of flooring, including parquet, marble, terracotta, ceramic

is hypoallergenic certified so you have the guarantee that they do not contain nickel, chromium and cobalt (over 75% of allergies to detergents are caused by these metals)

it is certified organic and vegan - it does not contain ingredients of animal origin

it is not tested on animals but dermatologically, the company being against animal testing

it is 100% biodegradable, so we also take care of the environment


all Biopuro packaging is made from recycled materials


Way of ussage:

Dissolve between 30 and 75 milliliters in 5 liters of warm water. The lid of the container is graduated, making it easy to measure.

Product Details
Composition:(according to REG. 648/2004 / EU): <5% anionic vegetable surfactants, <5% non-ionic vegetable surfactants. Contains natural fragrance (geranium oil).
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