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Ecological bath detergent, Sonett , 1L

  • Brand: Sonett
  • Product Code: 10213
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35.00 Lei


This product is an effective ecological detergent for all surfaces in the bathroom: bathtub, shower, sink, ceramic wall and floor tiles, stainless steel objects.

How to use: spray on the desired surface, leave on for a few minutes, then rinse with clean water

Sonett quality:

all active ingredients (surfactants) are from plant sources, being 100% biodegradable;

no preservatives and petrochemical additives are used;

all Sonett products are enzyme-free;

we use only pure vegetable soap from oils from ecological and / or biodynamic agriculture;

all perfumes come from organic essential oils and as much as possible from wild crops;

all Sonett products contain rhythmicized balsamic additives in an oloid mixer with a unique formula. These unique balsamic additives are composed of: incense, gold, bay leaves, olive oil, salts from rose petals, myrrh resin.

the water used for detergents is vitalized by passing through 12 egg-shaped glass vessels, creating a vortex system that reproduces the natural movement of water from mountain rivers.

no ingredient in Sonett's products is considered harmful to the environment or health, or causes allergies.



EcoControl certifies the monitoring of the quality criteria of Sonett products, as:

without enzymes

without surfactants partially or totally derived from petrochemicals

without preservatives derived partially or totally from petrochemicals

from pure soaps from organic vegetable oils

with ecological essential oils

the energy and heating in the Sonett factory is from 100% renewable sources


Eco Garantie certifies that:

the raw materials come from organic crops

the products do not contain genetically modified organisms or enzymes

the products are biodegradable

-Vegan Society

This certification means that Sonett products:

do not contain ingredients of animal origin (except 3 stain products containing bovine bile extract).

are not tested on animals

-Stop Climate Change

Sonett meets the highest standard in terms of CO2 emissions, having among the lowest emissions in the industry.

Product Details
Composition:-citric acid 5-15%, vegetable alcohol (ethanol) 5-15%, sugar surfactants 1-5%, vitalized water.
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