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Vitamin C 1000mg (adults) 30cps

  • Brand: Solaray
  • Product Code: SRY-6
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Effects and benefits

  • contains vitamin C, extracted from Maces and Acerola fruits, 1000mg / capsule
  • addition of bioflavonoids for increased bioavailability
  • in the form of vegetal capsules, which can also be given in vegetarian / vegan diets
  • normal functioning of the immune system
  • protecting cells against oxidative stress
  • normal collagen formation for optimal functioning of blood vessels, bone, ligaments, gums, teeth, and skin
  • normal functioning of the nervous system and maintaining mental health
  • reducing fatigue and exhaustion
  • increasing iron absorption and regenerating the reduced vitamin E form
  • normal energy metabolism

Compozitie (Per 1 capsula)

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid, Maces [Rosa canina] and Acerola [Malphighia punicifolia])1000 mg
Bioflavonoids from citrus concentrate50 mg

Administration method
1 capsule / day at 200ml water or as recommended by the specialist consultant.
Because the product includes ingredients from natural sources, it is not standardized in terms of organoleptic properties. Thus, there may be variations in color, smell or appearance from one lot to another without affecting the efficiency or safety of the product.
Each batch of raw material and finished product is subject to a rigorous verification process to ensure its effectiveness, bioavailability and safety.
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